Sunday, 5 August 2012

ohhhh manchester

thartshead pike

Ont Thills


Thursday, 14 June 2012


Nothin feels better than writing on paper,
Don't put it in a blog, scribe it in a letter.
Why post it online so people can whine, say its fine, then blog it to take hits past 1 million and nine.
Anonymous comments can be hard to read,
Hiding and typing opinions of creed.
But what creed are you from when your answers ane none?
Subside in your own little mind. Try to share with humans, it helps with self pride.
AND coincide with what's inside the ride of lies that abide the tidal cries of a social demise.
A wave of emotion, a crash of hate. Scattered debate that can't relate to the fate of any man.
One man's state of mind must shine, yet not hold behind the blind barrier of societies apparent kind illusion.
Confusion of others may oppress, cause distress, you redirect what you must insist.
It's hit and miss like pick n mix, but keep it to you and they will be bliss.

Friday, 13 April 2012

OH Manchester....

I found a Quote i like about the city i love, which has inspired a this space.....

By no stretch of the imagination is Manchester a picturesque city. It is however, emphatically if unconventionally beautiful. In common with all things beautiful...It is fundamentally flawed. It has a compulsion to preen and show off. It is narcissistic, contrary and wayward, and yet you cannot help but love it. It is both admirable and maddening."

From "Change and Contradiction" by Chris Lethbridge, Diverse City 1994

Monday, 12 March 2012

Imagine the world if cameras were guns...

Sometimes i daydream...
When im low on steam
That my lens is a Barrel
Shooting the guests on jeremy kyle

Sometimes between jobs...
When ive got away from the mobs, gobs and complete knobs
My nikon miraculously turns into a gun
and I'm pointing it at people just for the fun

Occassionally after reading a brief...
My cameras a pistol, to my relief
"wear a suit, youre photographin the queen"
id wear my jeans but i wanna keep um clean

From time to time, i look at the world when im feeling detached...
and everyones got a phone, with a shotgun attached
Those sacred moments theyre trying to capture
become murder scenes, blamed on the rapture

To help me unwind at the end of the day,
i think of the wars, the famine, the murder, the prey
i ponder the pictures we`d have throughout history
whether the violence would be replaced with images of misery

Then i consider a planet, which isnt the smartest...
The rifles a kodac and the soldiers an artist

Nations protected by expressions and visions
Extremists not murdering but trying to inspire
Strapping polaroids to their chests for all to admire.

Say cheese!!!!
 As i give the trigger a squeeze